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How Does it Work?

Family Law/Civil Disputes

Family Law

In mediation, you and your spouse can negotiate your own divorce agreement with the help of a mediator trained in conflict resolution.


The mediator does not take sides or impose a settlement on you.

You have control. You can stay or leave and sign or not. Unlike court where you have to live with the decision of the judge or hearing officer, in our office it is YOUR voice that makes the decision.

The mediator CANNOT share documents or conversations had in mediation with anyone, and cannot be called to testify against you.

In a standard divorce case, each spouse hires his or her own lawyer. The lawyers do all the negotiating and you pay for every minute they spend talking to one another or going to court. However, lawyers can add a great deal of comfort to a person mediating so that they do not feel they are making poor or unfavorable decisions. We always welcome attorneys to participate in mediation. The cost savings to have your attorney attend mediation instead of getting bogged down in discovery, depositions, hearings and trials is simply incredible!

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Civil Disputes

Whether your civil issue involves a PI, a conflict with your neighbor, complex business partner disputes, land disputes, succession disputes, or any other civil or commercial conflicts, our experienced mediators are prepared to fairly and effectively resolve the conflict.


At MCLA, we act as guides to help the parties fully explore any potential areas of agreement. A mediator does not serve as a judge, has no authority to render a decision on any disputed issue, nor to force a settlement. The mediation process is a confidential one. No participant may disclose, without consent, any confidential information acquired during mediation. The discussions, representations and statements made during or in connection with the mediation are considered offers of compromise, and no participant shall be subject to process requiring the disclosure of any matter discussed or information obtained in connection with the mediation proceedings.

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